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Sample Track 1:
"Twishya Isbihan" from Escuela de Tetuán-Tánger
Sample Track 2:
"Katamtu I-Mahabba" from Escuela de Tetuán-Tánger
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Tour Line Up/Instruments

1 CHACHOUA, Mehdi; Direction & Oud

2 GHAZI, Ahmed; Rebab (2-stringed fiddle)

3 ZUBEIRI, Hicham; Qanun (zither)

4 ZUBEIRI, Mohsin; Darbouka (metal goblet drum)

5 IDRISSI, Brahim; Violin & vocal

6 MASMOUDI, Khalid; Viola

7 AMRANI BOUKHOBZA, Abdessalam; Tar (tambourine)

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Echoes of the Alhambra: Morocco's Orchestra of Tetouan Performs ...
Tour Line Up/Instruments

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