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"Sepän Poika (The Blacksmith's Son)" from iki (NorthSide)
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iki (NorthSide)
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Top 50 World Music Albums You Must Own

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Like a bat out of Helsinki, the full-frontal Finnish vocals are rhythmic and forceful, backed by top instrumentalists. You only need to listen for a few moments to identify their sound. Varttina have been one of the most successful European bands over the past decade, representing Scandinavia in the way the Taraf de Haidouks represent the Balkans. This CD actually celebrates the band's 20th anniversary and it opens with a surprisingly wistful number, but with clashing icy harmonies. The rhythmically storming Varttina is in full girl power on "Nahkaruoska" (Leather Whip) in which they send a 'cheating scumbag on his way'.

--Simon Broughton, Songlines

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