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Sample Track 1:
"Harmony" from Migration (Lilasound)
Sample Track 2:
"Migration" from Migration (Lilasound)
Sample Track 3:
"Mockingbird Playback" from Shahrokh Yadegari's Home
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When you've got no boundaries holding you back, you can really take things anywhere you want. Once Yadegari freed himself from not wanting to mix ancient Persian melodies with computer music, the gloves were off.  Since there's about a zillion tunings in Persian music, really, anything goes, especially here. It's not like trance sets or like any other kind of genre splicing you've heard so far. This is a set that it truly modern and ancient all at once, and you'll probably dig it even more if you don't have a background in Persian music because you'll have absolutely no preconceived notions once this hits your ears and takes over. A really wild trip that's a world beat gas to take.
501 (Lilasound) 10/14/06
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