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Sample Track 1:
"Harmony" from Migration (Lilasound)
Sample Track 2:
"Migration" from Migration (Lilasound)
Sample Track 3:
"Mockingbird Playback" from Shahrokh Yadegari's Home
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This record combines the violin of Keyavash Nourai with the sounds of the Lila, a computerized musical instrument invented and played by Shahrokh Yadegari. Based in the Los Angeles-area, Yadegari was supposedly inspired by a mockingbird that had built its nest on top of Yadegari's house. While enjoying the bird's nightly songs, Yadegari wondered what would happen when he recorded and played back the bird's own singing to itself. He then decided to use this idea with acoustic musicians, putting his background as an electrical engineer and PhD in music to good use in creating Lila. On Migration, Yadegari uses Lila with Nourai's violin to create an interesting trance-like take on traditional Persian styles. This is a very subdued and ambient record, but makes for a fascinating listen if you want to let yourself be taken away by it. 02/04/07 >> go there
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