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"Ojo por Ojo" from Sol y Canto
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"La Llorona" from Sol y Canto
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A meeting during an early-1980s peace expedition to Nicaragua not only sparked a romance for Rosi Amador, a Puetro Rico-born vocalist/percussionist of Argentinean Jewish descent, and Brian Amador, an American guitar wizard and songwriter, but also created a musical partnership that has brought a new sensibility to pan-Latin music. Founding members of nueva canción (new song) band Flor de Caña in 1984, the Amadors, who married in 1988, have continued to redefine Afro-Latin music as Sol y Canto ("Sun and Song") for nearly two decades. Following their highly successful children's album, El Doble de Amigos: Twice as Many Friends, with their fourth adult recording, Cada Día un Regalo ("Each Day a Gift"), the Amadors and Sol y Canto deliver their most personal recording yet. Produced by Uruguay-born and Boston-based pianist Nando Michelin, with accompaniment by Bernardo Monk (saxophones, flutes), Jorge Roeder (upright bass), and Renato Thoms (percussion), the Amadors fuse Cuban son, Spanish flamenco, Colombian cumbia, and Puerto Rican bomba in a dance-inspiring style distinctly their own. Soaring over Brian's finely picked guitar playing, Rosi's crystalline Spanish vocals transcend language differences. Diversity is reflected in a traditional tune from Mexico and songs by Victor Jara (Chile), Pedro Flores (Puerto Rico), Miguel Matamoras (Cuba), and eight original songs by Brian.

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