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Sample Track 1:
"Layla" from Salaam
Sample Track 2:
"Hadha Mu Insaaf Minnek" from Salaam
Sample Track 3:
"Chobi Party" from Salaam
Sample Track 4:
"Sellefeena" from Salaam
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CD Review

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Salaam is the self-titled album of the band Salaam, which is composed of a Chicago-born Iraqi-American woman in search of her roots, her loyal spouse, and a cast of thoughtful and dedicated musicians. The band has dedicated years to researching and practicing strictly traditional forms of music such as Iraq's maqam; now they transform their knowledge into new, experimental creations. The result is a unique Middle Eastern ensemble performance that does far more than recite and repeat the old forms of music. Salaam is an unforgettably exotic experience to listeners of all backgrounds, and highly recommended. The tracks are Layla (5:41), Sellefeena (4:39), 21st Century Gypsy (2:56), Chobi Party (4:33), Hadha Mu Insaaf Minnek (4:29), Mandira (2:12), Arazbar Pesrevi (7:25), Yugrug (6:58), Retik (4:16), Taqsim Lami (1:58), Gulli Ya Hilw (3:42), and Nihavent Saz Semaisi (6:39). 08/01/09 >> go there
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