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"Ndabaiwa" from Talking Mbira (Piranha)
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Talking Mbira (Piranha)
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Boris Kovac & Ladaaba Orchest:
Ballads at the End of Time/ La Danza Apocalypsa Balcanica Part Two

  Kovac, a Balkan composer and musician, wrote the music for this album and a previous one- The Last Balkan Tango- in response to recent events in the Balkans that must certainly have resembled the apocalypse. The music isn't like anything we're likely to hear in the States. It has an old-world charm-or perhaps it's a weltanschaung- that would certainly elude most American musicians. The songs, performed by a sextet comprised of bass, clarinet, accordion, saxophone, guitar and drums, are mournful dance numbers that periodically, and briefly, erupt in lively passages, only to lapse back into a weighty sadness. To listen to this music is to be transported to a dimly lit dancehall in Novi Sad, where couples sway slowly, hypnotically to the music at the end of the world. If atmosphere is a measure of music, the Ballads at the End of Time is a brilliant work. 08/01/03
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