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" Fue a de lou" from La Violette
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"La Violette" from La Violette
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Midwest Record, CD Review >>

MICHELE CHIONIERE/La Violette: Look, all the French I know is from listening to "Lady Marmelade" so this gringo doesn't know what this Frenchy is up to, but it doesn't matter, she's really from Vermont and traverses the Can-Am border sounding out he French sound. A traditional song record, this sounds like the kind of charming foreign language record you'd find at Starbucks a decade ago before Hear Music blew to smithereens. In an offbeat way, this set is kind of like a Pentangle record you don't understand the words to as she does the olde, traditional ballads that tell the stories of hardships and triumphs from times longe ago. She knows her stuff and that's what counts. Arriving just in time for Bastille Day (yeah, I know which has now past), this is fun stuff probably since it's delivered in the right hands. A shining example of the world beat that exists within our borders. 07/17/10 >> go there
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