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Missing Jon Stewart? Meet his Daily Show equivalents worldwide
While the UK has to make do with 10 O'Clock Live, everyone from Israel to Iran has their own take on The Daily Show
Nosheen Iqbal
The Guardian,

Who Saad Haroon, plus requisite goofy sidekick Danish Ali

Where Karachi, Pakistan

The skinny Burkas! Bombs! Beards! No cliche is safe, no widespread perception of Pakistan is left unchallenged. An anchor moulded from the Stewart school of stand-up-turned-satirist, Saad Haroon's English-language (piss) take on the week's news is the first of its kind in Pakistan. But competition is fierce: Pakistan's current affairs shows have multiplied like gremlins in the last decade, fed as they are by late-night audiences greedy for "newstainment" pitched somewhere between Al-jazeera and The X Factor. Haroon's secret weapon is the comedy song (sample: the Roy Orbison-inspired Burka Woman – "in your black sheet/ Burka Woman/ With your sexy feet" – which went viral earlier this year) and giggly banter. Lots of it.

Most likely to Shoot out rapid-fire gags about the war on terror (aka "twat"), corrupt politicians, and the national cricket team.

Least likely to run out of news material.

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