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Sample Track 1:
"Trabajala" from Roots Before Branches
Sample Track 2:
"Solo dos veces" from Roots Before Branches
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Midwest Record, Album Review >>

HENRY COLE & THE Afro-Beat Collective/Roots Before Branches: The Puerto Rican drummer goes atavistic on this new set in which he goes old school, tapping into the whole Afro-Caribbean jazz mixture, putting the drum front and center while keeping it in the background and letting the collision of music styles tell the tale in sound (except when some kind of vocalizing is in order to help you find your locus). The vibe is old school, but when you factor in how some of Miles Davis funk explorations would have turned out if he brought the elephant funk to the islands (and he’s been dead 20 years so add that to your old school equation), you really don’t know which end of the telescope you’re looking into once this mind expander gets done with your head. No matter which way the vibe is flowing, this is for forward leaning jazz ears that are more interested in progressive sounds than standing on ceremony. Check it out of the subway ride into the future.
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