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"Disko Dzumbus 2013" from Gipsy Manifesto
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"Zivot Cigana" from Gipsy Manifesto
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Muzikifan, Album Review >>

Sometimes you need raucous music to get going, and this fills the bill. It's the brass equivalent of punk rock and goes full tilt for the first 6 minutes before slowing down to a song with a melody, "Balkan caravan," (which even has words in English) and a sing-along "na na na" chorus. There's also some sharp soloing from father and son, showing why they deserve the "Golden Trumpet of Guca" which they won repeatedly. There are familiar refrains, even a remake on this, their first studio album in four years. (Last year a "best of" collection called Golden Horns charted in the USA.) The 2013 iteration of "Disco mayhem" is a highlight (It was on their Live in Belgrade album in 2002). "Cokolada (Chocolate)" is another high-energy romp with suggestions of early Ellington as much as Loony Tunes' Carl Stalling breaks, but the English lyrics are disappointing; sometimes it's better not to know how banal the words are: "Give some sugar to me and make my party sweeter: gipsy party recipe!" They do slow down after about 40 minutes but there's always a sense of urgency under the drummer's nervous ticking, even in the mellower moments, like "Afrika Paprika" which has echo on the horns and even an acoustic jazz pianist arpeggiating distantly in the background. "Bobanova saga (Boban's fairytale)" adds a sonic wash for background "mood." I don't think they needed to add a synthesizer but they try on many new hats here, from New Orleans to funk. The album ends with a remix/radio edit of "Sljivovica" which has that Electric Gypsyland feeling. It's a great way to end the disc, and another outstanding track.  10/31/13 >> go there
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