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Sample Track 1:
"Disko Dzumbus 2013" from Gipsy Manifesto
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"Zivot Cigana" from Gipsy Manifesto
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When you’re the best brass band in the world, what is there new to do? Innovate, of course, and that’s exactly what Markovic father and son (perhaps more the son) have done here. Having retired from competition at the annual Balkan Brass competition in Guca, they’ve broadened their horizons, bring in bass, drums, piano and guitar to the lineup, which adds more texture – simply listen to “Africa Pepper,” which veers from Latin to muezzin wail, or the propulsive ska drive behind “Divlji Konj.” This is a band that’s masterful – and the brass is never less than a tower of power – completely in ccontrol and eager to embrace the new. They can still stop and turn on a dime, and it’s easy to feel the sweat on the brow simply from trying to keep pace with them. “Fankerica Šmererica” is a dose of ‘80s funk, synthesizers thrown in – sort of Herbie Hancock goes madly Balkan – while “Truba I Covek” slows it all down to offer a breathing space and a more jazzy sensibility. The simple fact is that these guys really can do it all, and the Balkan root remains strong throughout. There’s a definite sense of renewal and energy about the music, perhaps because of the growing influence of Marko, now 25 and certainly more assertive. Simply, if you love horns, whether from New Orleans or the brass bands of England, this is vital. They continue to astonish, and that’s a great thing. There’s plenty left in the well yet, and not a dud track to be heard here.

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