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Sample Track 1:
"Disko Dzumbus 2013" from Gipsy Manifesto
Sample Track 2:
"Zivot Cigana" from Gipsy Manifesto
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Kithfolk, Album Review >>

Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra. Gipsy Manifesto.
2013. Piranha.

The masters of Balkan Roma brass are back with their first album since 2010’s Devla. With the new album, Gipsy Manifesto, they’re pushing their music farther than ever, incorporating a fuller band with drums, guitar, accordion, even synthesizers, and bringing Euro disco beats and vocal effects as well. But the core of the music remains the same: the insanely virtuosic musicianship of the brass players, the crystalline purity of Marko’s trumpet playing, and the wild sense of “Gipsy” humor. The album’s a blast to listen to, and you simply won’t believe how good the brass instruments sound. It’s like bubbling lava listening to this music; the brass players reach virtuosic heights that should make any classical or jazz player weep with shame. And they do it all without losing their sense of fun. Simply put, this album is irresistible. 02/01/14 >> go there
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