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Sample Track 1:
"Buffalo-Demon Slayer" from Sheela Bringi
Sample Track 2:
"Raja Ram" from Sheela Bringi
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Sheela Bringi’s Incantations presents this young artist as a wild child of spirit, melding classical Indian music with a jazz mentality. Sheela is a fine bansuri (wooden) flautist, vocalist, harmonium, and harp player who represents a new wave of young artists in this musical vein. Sheela is a Colorado native from a traditional South Indian family, and has had music in her home–from weekly family/community kirtans, to music lessons from an early age.

Press play, and a temple bell rings; an “Om” fills the air as Sheela’s harp welcomes us into an expansive opening prayer to the drone of the harmonium. This gives way to a luscious Krishna chant with her male consort, classical Indian singer Aditya Prakash. Soaring vocals, out-timed jazzy drum kit, lovely flute. “Buffalo-Demon Slayer” is excerpted from the popular epic prayer, “Mahishasuramardini Stotram.” I can imagine it being chanted while marching to a spiritual battlefield. It’s awesome–horns galore! Sheela’s classically trained voice and slightly avant-garde energy create magic.

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