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Sample Track 1:
"Vision Fiberoptics ft. Sean Haefeli" from Pushing Through the Pavement
Sample Track 2:
"Lost & Found ft. Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo" from Pushing Through the Pavement
Sample Track 3:
"Nobody's Alone ft. Yarah Bravo" from Pushing Through the Pavement
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Top 10 Polish Ambassador Songs

David Sugalski has become a bit of a folk hero. Just in the past couple of years, The World's Funkiest Diplomat has captured the hearts and minds of fans in his attempt to change festival culture. Moving from Oakland to Nevada City a few hours outside the Bay Area to cultivate a rich life of sustainability research and agricultural action, Sugalski has inspired fans across the country and around the world to "party with a purpose."

We discovered The Polish Ambassador five years back, when he was splitting time between his new moniker and the Ample Mammal, and transitioning from bedroom beatmaker to touring musician. The iconic Swiss ski suit was the first thing that caught our eye, but the funky tunes caught our ears more soundly. But as his fanbase grew, TPA knew he had a platform to make a real difference in dance music culture.

The result of this radical shift towards conscious conservation spurred the Pushing Through the Pavement: A Permaculture Action Tour, which kicked off last night in his hometown. The tour puts Ayla Nereo and Mr. Lif (of the newly minted Terra Bella) on a cross-country trip with permaculture activists and advocates who will use off days along the way to co-create community projects with fans.

I want to give old and new fans, alike, a taste of material from as much of David Sugalski's career as I can. I still smile about the artwork I created when we premiered my personal favorite remix of his, Little Dragon's "Ritual Union," via, utilizing the cut-out figures The Polish Ambassador was passing around the internet at the time. These picks are fan favorites, and span originals, remixes, and collabs that define the TPA sound. Welcome to the Jumpsuit crew!

10. Superpowers

This track will bury itself in your head. The title track from TPA's "let's take it to the next level" album of a couple of years ago is a great starter for new fans. This is what it's all about.

9. Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy (Ample Mammal Remix)

For a while, David Sugalski was producing tracks for fun as Ample Mammal. This one landed on our radar when we were first discovering the producer, and it was love at first bite.

8. Lost & Found ft Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo

Witness the birth of Terra Bella, featuring the silky smooth delivery of legendary conscious rapper Mr. Lif and the sultry tones of Ms. Ayla Nereo. This is a damn supergroup, and an album is on its way. Whoo-wee!

7. Bon Iver - Perth (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

Justin Vernon, the creative force behind Bon Iver, released his stems into the world for a remix contest of the eponymous album that took over the world. While TPA didn't win it, he certainly crafted an indelible remix that remains a fan favorite to this day.

6. Glitch Chicks with Glowsticks

Ooooold school TPA from First Words. That's some hard-hitting glitch from the hip-hop master has chilled it way out from this relative "banger" of a tune. Got that b-boy bonce that makes us go nuts.

5. New Funk Millenium

Right around Ecozoic, David Sugalski went from left-field beatsmith to household name. This was the turning point; dude straight blew up from here. The release of the album coincided with this Electric Forest set during which everyone showed up... I mean everyone. And this all-encompassing funkdown suddenly rocketed Sugalski to superstardom.

4. Koyelia ft Peia

A new fan favorite from Pushing Through the Pavement, the cut uses eastern flavors, much like Sugalski's transformational brethren, but doesn't with such a unique style, there's no possibly way to mis-identify who produced it.

3. Warren G ft Nate Dogg - Regulate (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

Taking a hip-hop classic like this and giving it a reworking is dangerous territory. But as a student of the sound, there no hands better suited to reshape this iconic tune.

2. Girl Control

Sorry, you'll be humming this song to yourself all day, now. Not sorry.

1. Space Leaf Dub

Fans of ranked this as their favorite Polish Ambassador track. Who am I to judge? It's an absolute classic from Future Sex Computers. Still gets us up an' boogieing.

0. Blackstreet - No Diggity

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm so self-serving I added an eleventh track to the list. The "0" stands for "No Diggity." End of story, gamechanger. When this one drops, there's not a dry onesie in the house.

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