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David Hillyard and The Rocksteady 7

Tenor and Soprano saxophone player, David Hillyard and his band, the Rocksteady 7, are releasing a new CD on Do Tell Records entitled, “United Front.”  This new CD pairs instrumental Jamaican “roots” rhythms ala the Skatalites, Burning Spear, and the Aggravators with extended jazz improvisation ala David Murray, Charlie Haden, and Pharaoh Saunders.

Over the last 15 years, Dave has been a fixture of the American music scene. He has performed with such influential ska acts as Hepcat, Rancid, the Donkey Show, Skinnerbox, Roland Alphonso, Doreen Schaeffer, and the Stubborn All-Stars; reggae acts such as Cornell Campbell, Johnny Osbourne, Lord Tanamo, and the Congos; rock acts like the Violent Femmes and Charming;  bluesmen Simon Chardiet and Philip Vandereyken; and Jazz artists like Roy Campbell.  But most importantly, for the last 8 years, he has been the featured soloist for NYC’s the Slackers, and has been featured prominently on their 5 cds, 9 US tours, 7 European tours, and over 120,000 units of combined cd sales.

The Rocksteady 7's debut CD, "Playtime" was widely praised for its volatile and innovative mix of Jamaican "roots" rhythms with Jazz, and Latin influences.  The title track, "Playtime" where nyabinghi drumming met a jazzy Miles Davis-esque waltz, was widely played on the National Public Radio Show, "Morning Becomes Eclectic." A guest appearance on “Ugly Man Blues” was made by legendary trumpeter Roy Campbell, who is known for his downtown based jazz groups, Other Dimensions of Music, Tazz, and the Pyramid Trio.  This coherent, yet adventurous musical vision, earned it a "5 Star" rating on Amazon.Com.

Dave's band enjoys a distinguished pedigree, mixing together the worlds of ska, reggae, jazz, and blues.  Most notably; Percussionist, Larry McDonald, has been involved in such legendary  pioneering ska groups as Carlos Malcolm's Afro-Jamaicans, as well as stints with bluesman Taj Mahal, and poet Gil Scott Heron.    Fleet footed young Guitarrist, David Hahn, has already made his mark with groups such as Skinnerbox, Antiballas, Dub is Not a Weapon, the Stubborn All-Stars, and Mephiskafeles.

In their 5 year history, the Rocksteady 7 have played venues from New Yorks' SOBS, Knitting Factory, Wetlands, BBkings,  and The Bottom Line, Los Angeles' House of Blues, and the Toronto Jazz Festival.  Their debut cd sold 12,000 units worldwide and tracks were featured on the popular Give Em the Boot compilations that were able to move over 150,000 units worldwide.

The CD, United Front, is due out March 28, 2003 on Do Tell records in the United States. 

Rocksteady 7 Discography:
“United Front” (Do Tell/2003)
Due out April, 2003
"Playtime" (Hellcat/1999) Full length Debut.
Give Em Them the Boot Vol. II (Hellcat/1999) - compilation
Give Em Them the Boot Vol. I (Hellcat/1997) - compilation
Dancing Mood (Triple Crown/1998) -- compilation
Best of Special Potato (Special Potato/2001) -- compilation

Selected David Hillyard Discography:
w/Donkey Show
Bali Island (Unicorn, 1989) 6 Song EP
Just Cant Get Enough of...1988-1990.(A to Z/1999) - full length cd
California Ska-Quake (Moon/1992) - compilation
Out of Nowhere (Moon/1993) - full length CD
w/The Slackers
Better Late Than Never (Moon/1996) - full length CD
Red Light (Hellcat/1997) - full length CD
The Question (Hellcat/1998) - full length CD
Live at Ernesto's (Hellcat/2000) - full length CD
Wasted Days (Hellcat/2001) - full length CD
Slackers & Friends (Special Potato/2002) –full Length cd
Stubborn All Stars - Open Season (Profile/1996)
Stubborn All Stars - Back With a New Batch (Profile./1997
Skinnerbox - What You Can Do, What You Can't (Moon/1997
Rancid - Beavis and Butthead Do America (Geffen/1996)
Rancid - Life Won't Wait (Epitaph/1998)
Saint Edward - Reggae Royale (Trenchtown/2000)