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"Azija Rromansa" from Waltz Rramano
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"Music Rroman" from Waltz Rromano
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"Choro Rrom" from Waltz Rromano
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Waltz Rramano
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Earth Wheel Sky Band, Waltz Rromano (Asphalt Tango) Earth Wheel Sky Band, Waltz Rromano

After 40 years on stage, Olah Vince takes a big step forward. Just the basics are featured: guitar, violin, cymbalom, doublebass, percussion, and voice. No electronic gadgets or keyboards; simple, but pleasurable.  In this music, expression is everything. The legendary figure of Novi Sad’s musical scene had his own bands for ages and has collaborated with many local musicians, currently as a member of Boris Kovac’s LaDaABa Orchestra. He’s also known for his Gypsy activism, currently working to establish a Gypsy radio station in Novi Sad. The group comes from Vojvodina in the Panonia region of Serbia, where there is a diversity of influences, ripe for the creativity of Gypsy musicians. Other Earth Wheel Sky Band members have performed with Lajko Felix. Boban Markovic joins the group on trumpet.
USA release date: January 13, 2004