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The Changing Face of Queens: A Demographic Context...

Over the past few decades and, in particular, the last fifteen years, the borough of Queens, New York has seen a demographic shift, making it the most diverse of the five boroughs. A ride on the “Seven Train” from the heart of Manhattan to Flushing is as diverse as a United Nations summit. As home to two of the busiest international airports in the country, Queens is a gateway to America for scores of travelers and immigrants, for many of whom the giant Unisphere globe sculpture in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is one of their first sights of America and New York. Presented here are some demographic numbers that set the context for programming by the Queens Theatre in the Park and JP Morgan Chase Latino Cultural Festival.

Queens by Hispanic Origin/Race *

32.9% non-Hispanic White
25.0% Hispanic
19.0% non-Hispanic Black/African-American
17.5% non-Hispanic Asian 

Queens Resident’s Places of Birth *

Of the 46.1% of foreign-born residents:
49% born in Latin America
32% born in Asia
16% born in Europe
2% born in Africa

Compared to the other boroughs, Queens has the largest population of *

Colombians, 78.1% of NYC’s population
Peruvians, 67.7% of NYC’s population
Chinese, 38.7% of NYC’s population
Asian Indian, 63.8% of NYC’s population        
Korean, 71.8% of NYC’s population
Filipino, 55.4% of NYC’s population
Bangladeshi, 66.7% of NYC’s population
Pakistani, 46.5% of NYC’s population

Population growth *

The Hispanic/Latino population in Queens grew 50% between 1990 and 2000
The Mexican population in Queens grew 333.6% between 1990 and 2000

Languages in Queens

140 languages are spoken in the public schools in Queens +
53.6% speak a language other than English at home. This is a 39% increase over 1990, and an 82% increase over 1980. *
485,000 people in Queens speak Spanish at home *

Hispanic Queens Residents by Nationality *

Argentinean 0.81%
Bolivian 0.41%
Chilean 0.45%
Colombian 10.80%
Costa Rican 0.24%
Cuban 2.29%
Dominican 12.50%           
Ecuadorian 10.30%
Guatemalan 1.32%
Honduran 0.90%
Mexican 9.79%
Nicaraguan 0.28%
Panamanian 0.57%
Paraguayan 0.23%             
Peruvian 2.86%
Puerto Rican 19.50%
Salvadoran 2.47%
Uruguayan 0.22%
Venezuelan 0.52%
Other Hispanic 22.00%

* according to the US Census
+ according to Office of English Language Learners, Board of Education, 2000-2001

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The Changing Face of Queens: A Demographic Context...
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