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Sample Track 1:
"Malagasy" from Malagasy
Sample Track 2:
"Sitraka Zanahary" from Malagasy
Sample Track 3:
"Come on" from Malagasy
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Band Personnel

Eusèbe JAOJOBY (bandleader/singer)
Claudine ZAFINERA (singer)
Joseph MAHADINY (singer)
Bruno Jean CAMARA (bassist)
Paul-Martin ANDRIAMARO (keyboards)
Augustin RADAONANDRASANA (drummer)
Elie Lucas JAOJOBY (guitarist)
JEANNOT (guitarist)
Roseliane VAVY (singer/dancer)
Eusebia FATOMA (singer/dancer)

Additional Info
Madagascar’s Jaojoby Electrifies and Makes it Sexy on the Dance ...
Band Personnel

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