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"Opening of Part One" from Taqasim
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"Opening of Part Two" from Taqasim
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"Opening of Part Three" from Taqasim
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Technical Rider

Marcel Khalifè –‘Taqassim’ quartet technical rider / minimum requirements

Lineup: oud & vocals, acoustic bass, piano, percussion

Instruments: 1 grand piano min. 7ft (215cm), Steinway/ Yamaha; 1 set of bongos w/ floorstand;

1 djembe w/ floorstand; 1 cymbal (14”-16”) w/ low stand; 1 snare stand (no snare!).

FOH/PA: Full range (sub/low/mid/high) processor controlled PA system fitting room size and

number of audience (s.a. Meyer, D&B, L-Acoustics or similar)

Console etc.: 20 channels, 4-band full param. EQs, 4x pre- 2x post Aux Send,

!! absolutely NO digital console !! , 30-band graphic EQs (for each FOH ch.),

4 channels Compressors (dbx, BSS)

2 digital Reverb units, fully programmable (Yamaha, Lexicon, TC)

Monitors: 4 high-end floor monitors (see PA), 4 pre- sends with 30-band graph. EQs.

Monitor mix from FOH console

channel list: name: microphones: stands:

1/2 piano lo/hi 2x AKG C-414, Neumann KM 184 or similar 2 regular

3 piano mid Shure SM 58 regular

4 bass mic (48v) by musician X

5 bass active Dl-box X

6 oud mic (48v) by engineer low boom

7 vocal Shure SM 58 (no beta) or similar regular

8 percussion overhead AKG C-460, C-300 or small condenser regular

9 tarbuka/ cachon hi Shure SM 57 or similar low boom

10 tarbuka low AKG D-112, EV RE-20 or similar low

11 req (tambourine) clip-on mic (48v) by engineer X

12 bendir (framedrum) clip-on mic (48v) by engineer X

13 cachon low Sennheiser MD 421, EV RE-20 or similar low boom

14 djembe low Shure SM 57 (on floor) or clip-on mic X

16 announce/ translation Shure SM 58 regular

On Stage: 2 musicstands, 3 chairs, 1 piano bench, 1 low table (app. 25/20", 15” high)


For further technical information: / mobile phone +43 699 / 19664283

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