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Sample Track 1:
"Ashir Shirim (I Will Sing Songs to God)" from Ancient Echoes
Sample Track 2:
"Rannanu (Sing with Joy)" from Ancient Echoes
Sample Track 3:
"Abwoon (O Father-Mother of the Cosmos) [The Aramaic Lord's Prayer]" from Ancient Echoes
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Ancient Echoes
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SAVAE, Ancient Echoes (World Library Publications) View Additional Info

SAVAE Tours with Sacred Music of the Ancient World:
Concert Program Bridges Gap Between East/West, Male/Female Cultures

SAVAE, a group known for it’s popular recordings of ancient world music, will tour six cities in the eastern states between October 9 and October 17, 2004. The program will feature sacred music from ancient Jewish, Christian, Greek, Aztec, Mayan, Incan, and African cultures—and demonstrate how music has historically bridged difficult gaps between conflicting cultures.  This tour is being underwritten by World Library Publications, SAVAE's publisher and record label.

The feminine spirituality evidenced via Latin America’s Guadalupe devotion will be explored through pieces from SAVAE’s three recordings of music from the time of the Spanish Conquest. The group sings devotional chants in native languages of the Incas and Aztecs, including a recreation of Aztec ceremonial music. Middle Eastern culture, and its ancient adoption of a father-god culture will be illustrated via SAVAE’s “Ancient Echoes” repertoire: music from the time of Jesus and Jerusalem’s Second Temple. Spoken program notes will weave together the music and its “bridging” theme.

In addition to it’s carefully crafted vocals—and mastery of several languages—SAVAE performs on reproductions of the ancient instruments from the Middle East and Latin America, blending its
finely-tuned vocals with lively and colorful instrumental accompaniment. This rare combination makes SAVAE concerts an intriguing experience of art, history, and entertainment.

Music Critic Diane Windeler wrote of a SAVAE concert: “Nothing can compare with seeing a live performance of this music. On every level it was an affecting, revelatory performance.”

The ensemble will also present educational workshops for students in two cities. The exhaustive research that SAVAE conducts in preparation for its recordings and concerts—from it’s study of Middle Eastern music and languages to it’s reconstruction of Aztec ritual music—has made SAVAE Artistic Director Christopher Moroney a respected figure among musicologists and early music proponents. Education workshops will be given in Brattleboro, VT and East Islip, NY.

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