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listen globally, act locally

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The North American World Music Coalition's mission is to provide a forum  for the advocacy, public awareness and economic viability of world music in all its forms.

The World Music Coalition (WMC) is made up of professionals and  organizations from all areas of the North American world music community including agents, artists, concert and festival presenters, promoters, managers, the media, recording arts, ande retailers committed to advocate and promote international music and artists in the following ways:

- Create a visible presence through education and positive marketing.
- Support the creative and economic viability of professionals in this field.
- Advocate for easier access of international artists to tour North America
- Increase awareness of, and attendance at, world music events.
- Enhance knowledge of recorded world music.
- Create opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges.
- Educate audiences about world cultures through music.

We encourage you to get involved on the ground floor of this new organization.  Be a part of the growing community of like-minded supporters of world music. Invest in an organization that can help bring world culture to North America. Help break down barriers that restrict the sharing of world music culture.

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listen globally, act locally
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